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Rob Schaufenbil

Oh dear, Waffle House. You will be able to stop at Waffle Houses until you reach the Mason-Dixon Line. In college we risked many-a-DUI's to go to a 24-hour waffle house in Christiansburg, VA. How sweet it was.

Pooter Strempieuh  III

Why hath you not explained too awful much 'bout our Louisiana schmeert taters and goat stew?

Otherwise, damn good reportin' on 'bout pert near everthing.

Pooter Strempieuh  III


I would like to recommend that Bill and yall go to Gulf Shores, Alabama, and vist the tiny, but VERY interesting albino crayfish museum---not so much for what they have, but if you then go three or so streets due North, and turn left, you will come to one of the finest eating establishments in the entire south.

It's a small hole in the wall place called Miss Billie Bink Bimple's--and without a doubt, she serves the best schlimps you have EVER set into your mougth.




What can I say?



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