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man deming is like the anal opening of new mexico, but i am so glad that you have had the chance to experience the land of enchantment. Did you purchase one of those glittery lucite belt buckles with the scorpions encased in it? I sure hope so, or at least that you ate a plate of green chile. I miss you and i am so proud of your experiences, and your writing. Please write us all a book in the near future. Guatemala is great and i will send more news soon.
love, ally

Hobbs New Mexico


Stick to Albuquerque or Santa Fe.

That's where the people that don't know the difference between a derrick and a pump go. I understand that it will be kind of difficult pushing your car to Santa Fe because you don't want to disturb the Earth's "life blood", but keep at it and I'm sure you will make it.

Gar and Christeene Hildenbrand

It was such fun reading your comments. We just day before yesterday took 180, visited Carlsbad Caverns and spoke with the man who owns the land under which is Halliburton's oil, bought our groceries in Deming and spent the night in Lordsburg. And, it's August 2010. G&C

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