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i enjoy candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach...oh wait, forgot which website i was on. i am twenty-four, living in the the haze of the postcollege years, performing the age-old quest of 'trying to find myself' as i have quit my job, left new hampshire and committed myself to going on a six-month trip across the country. it's not a move that is 'like' me, but it was the right decision to make. hopefully, it will lead to some crazy adventure and maybe one day to some sort of profound revelation that will steer me in the right direction with my life. as of now, i'm just enjoying being me, because more now than ever i feel like my destiny is truly mine.


citronella candles, triscuits and cheese, my adidas sandals, fleetwood mac, sweatshirts, barbeques, sublime, Sam Adams and his many stimulating brews, that 70's show, boat rides, ovaltine, snowmobiles, court tv, olives, elton john, u2, decks with chairs for sitting, going into my friends' fridges, the occasional scratch ticket, long summer days and warm summer nights.